Celebrity Endorsements*
What does the AMA have to say about the health benefits of Backwater Party Music? See what Buffy Fletcher, MD really thinks about Backwater.
Geraldine Sundeck, and other members of her Harvard Class of '02 are Backwater fans. What can be more Preppy than Pink Flamingos, Mardi Gras Beads, and Backwater Party Music?
Stars of the Worldwide Universal Women's Tennis Association have given Backwater a #1 ranking. The WUWTA's star, Beth Finkelstein, never misses a Backwater dance.
Nine out of ten really classy women who express a preference, prefer Backwater Party Music. Classy women the world over have discovered Backwater. Come to a Backwater dance and see how classy you can be.
Have you ever thought about flying throughout the Universe in you very own Firefly class starship? So has Backwater. Many times. It would be a great way to get to those dance jobs that are sometimes, 10, 20, 30, OR EVEN 40 miles away! But only if Kaylee Frye can be our Chief Mechanic!
Are you lonesome? Is there something "lacking" in your life? Are you craving companionship? Maybe Backwater Brand® Party Music is what you need to put some direction in your otherwise mediocre life. It works for Inara Serra. It might work for you.
Two young ladies, Lesley and Autumn, have become Backwater Fans while they have been going working on their advanced degrees in Dimensional String Theory at the University of Western North Buena Vista. Lesley and Autumn hope to see you soon at a Backwater dance. You betcha!
Some girls are way out of your league. Well, let's face it, most girls are way out of your leaque. Many of them are professional swimsuit models. When they take a survey, 9 out of 10 of them that express a preference, prefer Backwater Brand Party Music. Move on up to the Big Leagues boys.
"Hey! Over here! Sail your boat over here! You may crash in the rocks and die, but just think what fun you'll have doing it!" 9 out of 10 Mediterranean Sirens, when asked, prefer Backwater. In the vernacular of today's youth... u wil 2.
Life on the road with the Ladies Professional Boxing Association can get pretty hectic. When the gals want to relax, 9 out of 10 times they relax with Backwater Brand Party Music. Juanita Ordmen gives Backwater "Two gloves up!"
Nothing keeps you warmer than a good jacket. Jenny Aplett, along with many other Backwater fans have found out that their Backwater Brand Party Music tour jackets are all they really need to keep warm. Really.
"Hi! My name is Gigi, and I am the kind of girl who gets my way all of the time! When I want to listen to Party Music, I choose Backwater Brand Party Music. When expressing a preference, 9 out of 10 girls like me do the same thing. After all, we are use to getting our way."
Somebody, it may have been Louis Armstrong, said "There's only two types of music: good music and bad music." Backwater fan Avery Dabler takes that idea one step farther. Avery listens to Backwater Brand Party Music. What do you listen to?
What do today's housewives do when they become desperate? They seek out Backwater Brand Party Music. It fulfills. It sooths. It gives meaning to life. Backwater Brand Party Music is for all of your needs. Every single one of them.
Not all Backwater celebrity endorsees are brainless bimbos. Darcy Taylor has a PhD in Applied Biometric Philosophy from Stanford University. In fact it was her research that lead her to Backwater. 9 out of 10 times it provides her with the intellectual stimulus she needs.
Chirlene Glazier, debutante and all-round L.A. Party Girl, never goes anywhere without Backwater. Like they say in LaLaLand, "You haven't partied 'til you've partied with Chirlene."
Champion Belly Dancer, Leona Fitchburg, who's taste do run a bit to toward the exotic has entertained at many a USO Show with nothing but her beads, tassles, and a boom box of Backwater Brand Party Music. The troops are grateful, the USO is grateful, and Backwater is grateful.
Some people, and Tilly Pennywhistle is among them, are very possessive of their Backwater Brand Party Music. Very possessive...if you know what we mean. She will fight for her Party Music everywhere. She takes no prisoners. Bring them on!
A young Terry Right discovered Backwater Brand Party Music at Johnny Hankey's Blue Room in Sciota Mills, Illinois. All of these years later, Terry still enjoys filling her dance card while listening to, and enjoying the antics of Backwater.
For some people, the dream of someday becoming a member of Backwater is a driving force in their lives. Guitar student Dusty Rhodes is just such a person. Dusty recently explained her low grades to her parents this way, "I want to play Party Music. That's what I want to do. Nothing else. That's it."
When scholars of American Roots Music aren't out Goatroping, chances are they are listening to Backwater Brand Party Music. At least some of them do...some of the time. Well, at least that is what we have heard. Or we think we remember hearing it. Somewhere. Sometime.
What does a girl need to make it through life? Backwater fan Karol Freeland has it figured out. Her needs are simple. She will get by as long as she has plenty of Backwater Brand Party Music – plus a few other essentials. If you know what we mean! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)
There's a place everyone of us has gone to. Maybe you have gone there once or twice. Some people spend more time there than others. Some people even live there. See what is being said about Backwater over in Fantasyland. We promise you will not be disappointed...if you know what we mean.
Party Music expert Consula Gomez knows what to look for in Party Music. She quit looking when she found Backwater Brand Party Music. "Like somebody else said, 'There's only two types of music. Once you've heard Backwater, why bother with the other stuff?'"
Even anatomical freaks need to kick back and enjoy themselves now and then. When they do, 9 out of 10 of them kick back and enjoy Backwater Brand Party Music. If you don't believe that, they'll come and and suck out your blood. Every last drop. Yes they will. Believe us.
It's elementary. Backwater is preferred by 9 of 10 detectives expressing a preference. Call out the hounds and let your friends and neighbors know. Backwater plays classic Party Music.
NASA astronauts have strict guidelines to follow. Among them are "No Endorsements - Except for TANG." Backwater respects those guidelines, but if they could endorse a band, 9 of 10 NASA astronauts, if allowed to show a preference, would prefer Backwater Party Music.
You'll have nightmares too if you miss a chance to see Backwater. When famous movie monsters express a preference, 9 out of 10 of them prefer Backwater Party Music.
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